Kelly (lablanquita82) wrote,

Claude's surgery has been postponed to Wednesday. Ryan and I were over there yesterday and everyone was in good spirits and optimistic about the surgery. I'm all set to sub starting tomorrow. Woo hoo for money! I took today off for the surgery, but now I guess I can get stuff done.

To do list:
Go to bank
Change name on passport
Grocery shopping
Job searching
Donate blood
Get sub id at admin building
Renew dog licenses

Question: When's the best time to start planting new flowers? Ryan and I want to make some gardening improvements, but as many know I have a black thumb (no joke, i kill everything). So, Ryan doesn't really trust me (rightfully so), so I need to start doing some research. What are the easiest veggies to grow? I'd like to grow some cucumbers and lettice, but not sure how difficult they are. Last question, what are the best places to purchace flowers and veggies for the garden? Holly, if you still check lj, I know you have some fantastic advice for me. =)

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