Kelly (lablanquita82) wrote,

Last night I worked on my 2 papers from 10pm-3am. I meant to start earlier, but I fell asleep. Luckily Heather called to talk about wedding plans which woke me up, and allowed me to get started. I was a little worried that Ryan having a bunch of friends over would make it difficult to accomplish anything (next time i'll have to flat out tell him to leave, rather than "why don't you go out with your friends tonight"), but they were relatively quiet and I got a lot done. Today I went to a baby shower, which was pretty fun. Then I came home, took a nap, and now I'm trying to awaken myself enough so I can write my lesson plans for this week. If I get my planning done today, all I'll have to do tomorrow is write my philosophy of education, and finish my last paper. So, I might have a chance at having a not too stressful birthday. Ok, I better get to planning while Ryan's out shopping. Hasta luego!

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