Kelly (lablanquita82) wrote,

Only 22 min left of being employed...

Tonight's my last day at EDS. It feels so strange. I'm very excited, but a little sad and nervous too. I'll miss a lot of people. School is still going well, but it's a challenge to work with 2 teachers. It's really hard to find time to conference and plan with both of them (but I'm hoping it'll be easier now that I won't have to work). Plus my 2 teachers are completely different, one very strict and by the book, and the other very relaxed and unorganized, so it's strange having to go back and forth between their styles. They both expect different things. But, in the end I think it'll be good because I will learn a lot more this way and I can pick and choose the elements I like and think work best from the 2 of them. Olga's leaving tomorrow. My dad and her have been staying with us this week. I'll be sad when she leaves, but I'm so busy that having her here makes me feel guilty I don't have much time to spend with her. Plus Ryan and I are still in the phase where we want to be alone and have the house to ourselves. I'm really glad she was able to come though. I'm dying to visit her and Adam. Now, I'm going to look for some very part-time baby-sitting or tutoring jobs, just so we have a little extra $.

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