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I'm meeting my first possible dog sitting client today, a bloodhound. I don't think I've ever met one before. After that Ryan and I are going to my cousin Danny's for a cookout and fireworks (you can see the Freedom Hill fireworks from his house). I made potato salad for the first time last night. It didn't turn out too bad. I'm slowly learning how to do things in the kitchen. =)

I still haven't heard from Troy and it's bugging the hell out of me. I'm fine with working at Oxford, but I need to know that's where I'm going to be so I can prepare myself. I guess I just want to be put out of my misery.

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Claude's surgery has been postponed to Wednesday. Ryan and I were over there yesterday and everyone was in good spirits and optimistic about the surgery. I'm all set to sub starting tomorrow. Woo hoo for money! I took today off for the surgery, but now I guess I can get stuff done.

To do list:
Go to bank
Change name on passport
Grocery shopping
Job searching
Donate blood
Get sub id at admin building
Renew dog licenses

Question: When's the best time to start planting new flowers? Ryan and I want to make some gardening improvements, but as many know I have a black thumb (no joke, i kill everything). So, Ryan doesn't really trust me (rightfully so), so I need to start doing some research. What are the easiest veggies to grow? I'd like to grow some cucumbers and lettice, but not sure how difficult they are. Last question, what are the best places to purchace flowers and veggies for the garden? Holly, if you still check lj, I know you have some fantastic advice for me. =)

Transportation Question

Does anyone know a relatively easy and cheap way to travel from Flint to Ann Arbor? Gabriel (from Uruguay) is coming in April for a couple weeks and asked me to look into public transit for him since he's too young to rent a car. I haven't started looking online yet, but I just thought I'd see if anyone could recommend something. I assume there has to be some bus system. Thanks!

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Last night I worked on my 2 papers from 10pm-3am. I meant to start earlier, but I fell asleep. Luckily Heather called to talk about wedding plans which woke me up, and allowed me to get started. I was a little worried that Ryan having a bunch of friends over would make it difficult to accomplish anything (next time i'll have to flat out tell him to leave, rather than "why don't you go out with your friends tonight"), but they were relatively quiet and I got a lot done. Today I went to a baby shower, which was pretty fun. Then I came home, took a nap, and now I'm trying to awaken myself enough so I can write my lesson plans for this week. If I get my planning done today, all I'll have to do tomorrow is write my philosophy of education, and finish my last paper. So, I might have a chance at having a not too stressful birthday. Ok, I better get to planning while Ryan's out shopping. Hasta luego!

Only 22 min left of being employed...

Tonight's my last day at EDS. It feels so strange. I'm very excited, but a little sad and nervous too. I'll miss a lot of people. School is still going well, but it's a challenge to work with 2 teachers. It's really hard to find time to conference and plan with both of them (but I'm hoping it'll be easier now that I won't have to work). Plus my 2 teachers are completely different, one very strict and by the book, and the other very relaxed and unorganized, so it's strange having to go back and forth between their styles. They both expect different things. But, in the end I think it'll be good because I will learn a lot more this way and I can pick and choose the elements I like and think work best from the 2 of them. Olga's leaving tomorrow. My dad and her have been staying with us this week. I'll be sad when she leaves, but I'm so busy that having her here makes me feel guilty I don't have much time to spend with her. Plus Ryan and I are still in the phase where we want to be alone and have the house to ourselves. I'm really glad she was able to come though. I'm dying to visit her and Adam. Now, I'm going to look for some very part-time baby-sitting or tutoring jobs, just so we have a little extra $.

Doggy Pics

Mariana took this before we had Cookie. Now we need a new pic with the entire family, lol. =)

Before you start making fun of our craziness we only got Harmony a sweatshirt because she gets cold easily. Cookie got a pink one, but we didn't happen to have it on her. Also, Ryan got them with his Amazon gift card, so we didn't actually fork out our money for the dog clothing. =)

In addition to their beds they each get a fluffy blanket. We have the most spoiled dogs!